CrossFit Bomaderry, on the New South Wales South Coast

A friendly, well-equipped centre on the South Coast of New South Wales – visitors welcome!

What is CrossFit?
Constantly varied high intensity functional movements

Yeah yeah, but what does that mean?
CrossFit is meant to be broad and all inclusive. We do anything and everything related to fitness. A 5k is as much CrossFit as a 1 RM deadlift.

Nature punishes the specialist. CrossFit builds athleticism through the 10 measures of fitness:

  • cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
  • strength
  • speed
  • power
  • balance
  • agility
  • stamina
  • coordination
  • accuracy
  • flexibility

Any program that doesn’t touch on all of these measures of fitness is not all-inclusive, and is not CrossFit!

What should I expect?
Your program is executed in a group setting, with a certified coach present at all times. You learn about fitness in a fun environment with other athletes who are doing hard work alongside you. You don’t compete against the class as much as you compete against yourself.

What is the best expression of yourself? CrossFit contends you don’t know of what you are capable, why not come and find out?

What Is Fitness and Who Is Fit? – Greg Glassman

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CrossFit Bomaderry

78 Meroo Road
Bomaderry NSW 2541

Phone: 1300 76 22 76